Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Picasso's Plantation

OH MY STARS!!! Look at these beads!!

I was thrilled when I opened the kiln tonight. They new beads are as cool as I hoped they would be. These are "Picasso's Plantation".

I couldn't resist, I had to clean them and photograph them right away. I am chomping at the bit to hear what you think of these. You can already tell I am really excited about them!! I decided to mix some cubes and plaids. I haven't done plaids in a while and while I was in VA I made one. It refreshed my "plaid" juices and this reactive silver glass was just the ticket. Then testing out a few cubes too. They are "iced" cubes with partical encasing which is a) really hard to do and 2) looks really cool!! I know you all went gonzo for the last set of ice cubes so I hope you find these are thrilling.

Okay, I am missing LOST so I gotta dash... but send me your thoughts on the new beads and go BID BID BID!


Donni said...

GORGEOUS beads!!!!!! Did you make the silver cubes, are these the ice cubes? The set is awesome no wonder you are excited!!!!!!!

Chrissie said...

Wow! They turned out sooo awesome!! They are even better than that test bead. I can't believe all the color and depth that came out. And I love the square disk like beads!

Amazing work Kerry!

Kerry said...

Thanks Girls!!

Hey Donni, welcome to my BLOG! The "ice cube" design is one I explored in January. See it here: They are encased nuggets. The silver cubes are high fire Greek Ceramic beads dipped in pure silver from

Hey Chrissie, I think the colors worked better in these then the test beads because with my bulk tank of gas, I can control the flame better. I couldn't "turn it up" on the small tanks we used. So, yep, I am thrilled!!

I hope these do well!

Natalie Pappas said...

They are simply beautiful. :)