Thursday, March 08, 2007

Camera One, Camera Two

I really really detest taking pictures of myself. But with reason hair changes I had to do it. Hair, weither you wanna admit it or not, says a lot about you. Are you anal, spending hours straightening your hair with a flat iron? Or do you just yank it back in a ponytail befor running out to do your daily errands? When you look at photos from the past... isn't one of the first things you say "look at me hair back then"? I know my hair has a lot to do with how I feel about myself. And I am one of those people that change it constantly. Look through my photos of the past and you'll see hair straight as an arrow down to my fanny, boy style pixie cuts, perms, and all sorts of different colors. More ofter then not, I am one of the people that cuts my hair cause I am totally fed up with the style it is in, then I regrow it out till I can't stand it again and cut it more.

Yesterday was a fed up day!! I hadn't cut my hair since my sister cut it back in November of 2006. It grows fast!! So, since I have no beads or jewelry to show you... I am showing you what I did to it yesterday. The top photo is me, two weeks ago when I took the bog blond streaks out of my hair and went back to my darker color. Below is what happened to it last night. A short bob with layers. I only took pics of myself cause my friends out of state wanted to see what it looked like!! Like I said before, I hate taking my own picture!! It takes forever to try and take on where you aren't making a weird face, you don't look fat, your eyes are crossed, it doesn't look like you have a double chin... it is all just too much work, lol. But these turned out alright. At least you get the idea of the whole hair change thing. Long to short. I'll have more fun taking the photo into photoshop and messing around with it!!

I am almost ready for my trip tomorrow. I have to do another load of laundry and I will be all packed up. I don't think I'll have time to update again until Sunday when I get back, but I'll try!! See ya soon :)


blest said...

Awesome haircut!!! Very hip and youthful!

Stacie said...

Very very cute!