Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catching Kandinsky

You asked for discs... I am delivering. Check out "Catching Kandinsky"... the auction will start later tonight on Ebay. This is a HUGE set of TWENTY THREE beads. And the inspiration was Wassily Kandinsky's 1913 painting "Farbstudie Quadrate".

For those of you not familiar with turn of the century artists... this dude is considered one of the leaders in the modern abstract art movements. You can see his painting scrolling through the slide show above. It is very bold and graphic... the colors just ROCK, and to think... it is more then 90 years old... the man definitely had vision. Each one of my main 12 discs represents one of the 12 blocks in the painting. I think these would make really cool toggles like in the necklace and bracelets of the previous post... of they would make sweet looking buttons for felted bags... or an outta this world necklace!!

Last night was rough around here. We had big boomer thunderstorms that knocked out the phone and internet service for hours and hours. Plus, I was trying to have Ron take a photo of me for the new magazines and the book thing... you all know how much I hate hate hate hate to have my picture taken. So nothing was turning out. Ron's only advice was that I shouldn't have cut my hair... so he is no help at all... the brat. I think Lauren and I are going to need to take a ride over to my sister's and see if she can get a good picture. The whole thing just put me in a lousy mood. The beads cheered me up though. The colors are so bright... they can't help but make things happier.

FREE BEADS!! The free beads winner this week is BRENDA T!! YOO HOO BRENDA!! Thanks so much for all the votes everyone!! Keep up the good work!

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