Friday, March 16, 2007

Get Me on ETSY!!

I don't know how many of you know about, if you don't know, it is about time you did. Etsy is similar to Ebay in that individual sellers list items available for sale. What makes it different is that everything is listed at a fix price and for 4 months. No bidding, all buy it nows. From what I see, it is mainly artists selling handcrafted goods... which is really awesome!!

It has been mentioned to me several times that I should sell on Etsy. So today, when I couldn't locate my bead making mojo, I started checking out Etsy. The process couldn't be easier!! I plan to list my jewelry on there, still giving my website and blog visiters first dibs on new designs. Then after something has been around for a little while, I'll post it there and see if I can get it some more attention. It is just one more way to grow my (or yours for that matter) business. I have been feeling like everyone buys up my beads really quick, but the jewelry all hangs around until show time (with the exception of the "Playground" bracelets, lol, I can't make those fast enough). With Etsy, I hope, it will get some extra views from unexpecting searchers and maybe it will get moving.

If you think you can't afford a website, but you want to try selling your jewelry (or whatever else you make)... I am thinking this is a good way to get your feet wet. It is very inexpensive, only 20cents a listing and 3.5% fee for the sale. Compared to the huge fees that Ebay levies... I say it is worth it.

I added a link to the Etsy store front in the column to the right or just click to check it out. And hey, you my see something you didn't notice before and have to have!!


Lori Greenberg said...

Good luck on Etsy and let us know how it goes!

Kerry said...

Hey Lori... I'll keep you all in the loop. So far it was super easy. I listed things in seconds, literally. I had all my discriptions ready to go, so that maybe why it was quick... but either way, it is very very user friendly.

stacie said...

Hi Kerry,
I have some stuff on Etsy, and although I am getting lots of hits, no buys. It could be that my stuff stinks, but I don't have an issue selling it at shows, so I don't know what the deal is. But it is easy, and I have linked to my website. It is much easier to maintain while we are on the road than a website shopping cart. Good luck!