Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tooth Talk

"Mom, look at this" has got to be one of the worst phrases ever uttered. Nine times out of ten it is followed by a slimy creature that hops/slithers or by something that's bleeding. Only once in a very rare blue moon is it followed by a beautifully drawn picture or a 100% spelling test. No, no... it is usually something Mom doesn't want to see. Jacob used that phrase last night... and it was in one of those bad ways. "Mom, look at this"... and then picture a weird facial expression and a fingernail popping off my son's crown!!

SHOCK, HORROR!! Yes, Jacob has bad teeth. Not horrible aweful ones, but butter soft ones prone to cavitities. He has had 7-8 (yeah, I lost count), four of which were so bad that he had to have crowns (shiny silver caps). This one in particular was bad, so pad he was supposed to have a root canal treatment on it. My heart just sinks everytime he has a cleaning and they find another cavitity. He is my best brusher, he brushes everyday, twice a day and flosses more then I do. I took him to the dentist today and we were there for over an hour. Turns out he is teething early again and has already started to lose his molars. They did an extraction and removed the crown. And you can see the point of a new tooth popping in.

The dental detour took up my whole day. So any "work" I hoped to get done was neglected. I am going to try and get out to the torch tonight to work on a few things. But I don't think I'll have anything new for you all until Sunday. There is some sort of "staff training" day at school tomorrow so the boys are going to be home (translate that to - I won't be making beads tomorrow either).

I took a quick shot of the finished bathroom just now. The photo has it much brighter then what it is. But I think it is growing on me. Next up... my boys room make over, lol... eventually I'll get every room made over!

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