Friday, March 23, 2007

In a Groove

Hot dang, I just have a sweet torch session!! YAW HOOOO!!! I am so excited to open the kiln in the morning. It was just one of those zen sessions where the glass was flowing just right... the colors were working... and the ideas were endless. I counted the mandrels sticking out of the kiln and I made more the FIFTY, yeah 5-0, beads. They are all for the tutorials I am working on right now. Discs Discs Discs.... 50 one of a kind discs. You know what is going to be really cool... getting a big huge group photo of them all.

I saw this auction on Ebay the other day... makes me think I should list a set of discs, huh? Can I have a quiet moment of delusion right now? Okay, here is my delusion... I think the burst of disc auctions is all because of me... yeah, cause everyone wants to make one of my "Playground" necklaces or bracelets... yep, you have me to thank for the disc craze, lol... I hope y'all realize my sarcasm. What did Han Solo say to Chewbacca about Luke Skywalker being a Jedi Knight... "I'm out of it for a little while, and everyone gets delusions of grandeur".

The kids and I had a great day. It was warm enough to ride bikes this morning, then we went to my Mom's house to take her two fat basset hounds for a nice long walk. Then home to make beads and now Ron is cooking a chocolate cake. I don't things get much better then this :) Plus to top it all off... tomorrow my sister is coming over to watch the kids so Ron and I can go out to a movie. And believe it or not, this will be the very first time she has ever babysat her niece and nephews. No kidding. She has never watched all three of them for me. She has taken one or the other for an afternoon outing once or twice... but this will be a first!! Ron and I plan to see the movie 300.

I'll be back tomorrow with new bead pictures and a movie review!


Anonymous said...

1. I'm psyched for you that your torch session turned out so great!
2. How was that chocolate cake?! What a sweet guy!
3. Lucky you going out to the movies! What a great sister that Bonnie is! :-)


Anonymous said...

Your soooo lucky i have decided to come out of retirement to babysit today, don't get used to it!! LOL

Love You
Miss Bonnie

Kerry said...

Oh sister, what is this "Miss Bonnie" bologna, lol. Yes I am lucky you are watching them today!! Thanks!!

Hey Cindy ~ Chocolate cake rocked!

Lori said...

enjoy the movie, all the guys at my house want to go see that one.
I could really use some chocolate cake. Bonnie, you want to come to California and take my kids too?
Beads, you gave us a tease, Now I want to see them :-)))

Chrissie said...

Sounds like a little bit of VA may have rubbed off..."Miss Bonnie" :) Now I want some chocolate too :(

I hope you have a great time at the movies! I can't wait to see what beads you made...50 in one session...Wow!