Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Ever have a spur of the moment remodeling job you just had to do? I do all the time. I told you about Lauren's bedroom redo a few weeks back. Today, I decided that the bathroom had to have a change. When we first built the house in 2000, we got the cheapest, crappiest, dog ugliest flooring imaginable. We would have upgraded but just didn't have the extra cash at the time. So shortly after moving in, we bought some of those 12x12 inch peel n stick floor tiles. Which at first, I loved, but eventually detested.

Why did I detest my flooring? Cause it was about six monthes after installing it that it started peeling up. Grrr.... I delt with it for a while (like 3 years, lol) then peeled up all the times and installed new peel n stick tiles that were twice as expensive as the first ones. They were fancy "beveled" edge ones. (A beveled edge is where there is a "V" between each tile rather then having them butt up to each other. I loved the new ones!!

That was until "things" started growing in those "V" spaces. Grose. No amount of bleach could keep it clean. So, in the back of my head I am thinking... "I really wanna move some...", "if I wanna move, we gotta get the house in "selling" condition"... "to get the house in selling condition, I need to pick a room at a time and give it a total overhauling". All a sudden I got a jolt of energy today that decided today was the day to overhaul the bathroom. Ron and I pulled up all those peel n stick pieces and then pulled up the original nasty flooring... and ta da... installed a NEW vinyl floor. It is one piece, not tiles, and man oh man was it a project. We started around noon and just finished up around 8:00pm.

Doesn't look amazing?!? The first photo is of my hubby, Ronnie, pulling up those icky sticky tiles. Look close and you can see the effects of a house with three boys and only one bathroom. Yeah, talk about discusting. The second was a few hours later with all the layers of flooring pulled up. And last but not least... the almost finished bathroom. Why Kerry, what do you mean it's only almost finished? I need to paint silly!! I picked a really great color called "Farmhouse Blue". I am thinking I'll paint on Tuesday and naturally, I'll be sharing a picture when it is done!

On to beady related things. I was able to make 5 little Bead Box bead sets yesterday. I am going to list them tomorrow but I WON'T be sending an email. So you'll have to watch for them. See you then!!

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