Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Do Discs

Beads, on top of beads, on top of beads... check out what a pile of almost 200 beads looks like!! If you asked me Thursday if I could make this many beads by Sunday... I would have told you NO WAY!! But I guess I was wrong. These are what I made Friday and Saturday. There was enough here for 2 Playground bracelets, a Playground necklace, a set of free beads, and a bunch left over.

I am close to done on my latest tutorial. I wrote it, I photographed it, I made the finished pieces to send in with the tutorial... and now it has been emailed to a friend to proof read for errors. Once she gets it back to me, I will bundle everything up and send it in. Then hopefully I will be able to let you know a possible publication date. (Though, those can change all the time!) I am really happy with how everythign came together writing it this weekend. When I ge tthe urge to write... I gotta just sit down and do it. If I try to do other things when I have internal tutorial dialogs going on the results of whatever else it is I am attepmting to do just turns to mush. I have one other tutorial to write in the next couple weeks then I think I am going take a tutorial break!!

Anyone notice how fast Spring seems to be coming on?!? Before you know it, Summer will be here and with it... ART SHOWS!! I debating which shows I would do this year and if I should add new ones to my schedule. I asked a fellow wire worker in the area which shows she likes the most and she gave me the names of three great shows in Buffalo NY, just a 1 1/2 hours away. This year they won't work out because of scheduling conflicts but I am thinking of expanding to do more shows next year. It is so hard to decide though. Things seem to be working really well online for my business and part of me thinks I should forget the shows and focus my website. But then there is this nagging other side that loves the build up to a show, and meeting all those new people!!

For this year, here is what I decided... I will be doing The Cornhill Arts Festival in July and The Clothesline Arts Festival in September, with a Holiday Open House in the late Fall. Cornhill and Clothesline where HUGE shows for me next year and I think I would just be crazy not to do them again!! Which means I have roughly 3 months to get ready for the first show. Plenty of time!!

Last year I seemed to leave all the show prep until the last two weeks before a show, and I never felt prepared enough. So I never left really ready or like I had enough "Stuff" to show. I am determined not to let it happen again this year (even though I think some of my best work comes out of that "crunch" time). How will I make sure it doesn't happen this year you ask? Well, I am making myself pick at least one set of every bead box update to keep and make something with. I think between that and my usual idea inspired creations, plus the last minute crunch... I will be better prepared. :)

Speaking of the bead box... I plan to make beads Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday... clean and photograph everything Thursday and that leave Friday for a update. Friday is also my little Lauren's FOURTH birthday!! She is getting so big!! I didn't get through the set I wanted to do for Ebay so somewhere in there I'll work on that too. We got luck with a beautiful sunny afternoon and I have been enjoying it and playing in the gardens rather then beading... you understand how it is. Months and months of subzero temps gives way to sudden bursts of 50degree days... you gotta soak them in!


Kathy said...

wowza, you really went into overdrive Kerry.
Will some of them make it to the bead box??

Lori said...

I wish I could come over and touch all those disks.
can't wait to see the finshed pieces and I am glad most of the tutorials are done.

Chrissie said...

All I can say is WOW! That's alot of beads :) It looks like they should be in a treasure chest!