Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moody Moods

Isn't this new knob swell? You might remember that last year I was commissioned to make 34 knobs for an artist's home in Michigan. Well, as I was making all those knobs, whenever there were messed up ones, weird colors or ones the artist decided wouldn't work with the group, my Mom took it for her kitchen. By the end of my commission she had 8 knobs. She keeps mentionign that she needs 8 more to have a complete kitchen for herself. So, while she was here the other day, playing with Lauren, I made her a new one. It is a lovely lavander color with white, copper green and lite lavander spots. Cute huh? She doesn't have any purple knobs. Maybe by Mother's Day, I'll be able to get the other 7 more done, lol.

I really haven't been in a knob making mood. But doing this one got my gears turning again. I might even make a few for my website too... hmmmm.... I'll keep ya posted.

Anyway, I am being moody this weekend. I am kinda restless and tired. I am not really in a bead making mood either, but I will try and get a few done after dinner. I think it might actually be a case of the midwinter blahs. It actually RAINED here yesterday and by Tuesday it is supposed to be 14 degrees. Weird. My Dad insists that VA, where I am headed next weekend, is near spring!! Do ya think? Well girls, are the crocuses popping up were you are yet?


Stacie said...

Hey Kerry,
Check out my blog and see what I am doing with your them and thanks! Next time I am ordering glass beads!

Lori said...

Love the knob!
Great idea for mothers day
I hope you get some warm weather for your weekend away.