Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Type Type Type

I am starting you off with this cool shot of my "Picasso's Plantation" set. For one it is a really cool picture and two... you need reminding that the auction for these beads ends tonight!! GO BID!! They are going for a super price, at least in my opinion. Someone needs to make something extra special with these or I am gonna be sad I sold them.

I have spent the whole afternoon writing. I want to get my latest tutorial squared away. It is going to be a two part project and it is turning into a lot of work. It is already FIVE pages, and I still have more to write. But hey, that is what an editor is for right? She'll knock it down to a good size. One thing I have to say about writing is it leads to a nasty headache!! I am waiting for the water to boil now so I can have a cup of tea. I am sure that will do the trick.

Tomorrow and Friday I will work on all the photos for these tutorials and then I'll get back to making beads for you all!! I have a new color combo idea, inspired by the bathroom project. Which is totally finish, thank you very much. I haven't gotten a good picture of it yet, but I'll try again tomorrow when the sun is out. But think... blue and white... and a sandy beach.

Kettle is whistling!! I am gonna go make tea... you go check out the auction!

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