Sunday, March 04, 2007

OH great...

I was just watching the 6:00pm news and it isn't looking good for tomorrow. Would you believe we are going to have record low high temps!! No, really!! Tomorrow we are expecting 30-40mph wing gusts, several fast inches of snow causing white out conditions for the morning drive and sub-zero wind chills. Then for Tuesday it is a high of 10... yeah, just 10. Grrr... I think those of you sending me emails telling me I need some sunshine are totally right!! Send some my way would ya? lol.

So, yesterday, after dinner, I never got around to making beads. I was just too tired and cranky so I went to bed early. Today was nice with my parents and sister here for a filling Sunday morning breakfast. Bonnie is loving my new beads that are on Ebay... she just loves orange. I showed her those auction beads and she grabbed them from my hand saying "lemme see those". That is a very good reaction. Other then that we had a rather boring, I mean quiet, day, lol. I watched an old movie this afternoon while Ron made homemade chicken noodle soup. Then I made beads tonight.

Tomorrow I should have a new bracelet to show you. One of my "Playground" ones. And I am really excited to see how it comes together. The colors just POP. I used oranges, reds and spots of turquoise. Stay tuned for that one!!

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