Thursday, March 29, 2007

Secret Projects Rock

You know how Ty Pennington has a "Secret Project" every week on Extreme Makeover? Well, yesterday I started work on a secret project of my own. I am not ready to reveal what it is yet, but I think it is going to be pretty cool. I am thinkin' I'll give you hints over the next couple weeks while I work on it. That'll keep things interesting. You can send me emails with your guesses as to what my secret project might be. Here is your first clue... It is NOT a tutorial.

I am already to go for tomorrow's Bead Box update. I am up to my eyeballs in DISCS!! And I even did like I said I would and worked on a BB set of myself to make something out of. There was one color combo in particular that was screaming at me, so I made extras for myself with those colors. I am thinking by Monday or Tuesday, I'll have a piece of jewelry to show you.

Today's piece is one I made over the weekend with a set of old BB beads that were in the bottom of my purse for the past three months. The a warm dark red with layers of purple, transparent purple and coral orange dots. This one is called "Contained". I used one of the wire cages from my "Temporarily" necklace and caught a pretty trans purple round inside (looks a little blue in the photo huh?). I like the asymetrical-ness of it.

I need to wrap up a few things around here and then I am off to get Lauren from my Mom. She spent the day playing with her so I could get some quality bead time in. And tomorrow is the little princesses big BIRTHDAY!! Pink pink pink... all she wants is pink. I realized, I haven't had any pics of the kids for you all in a while... tomorrow I'll get a few :)

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