Friday, June 02, 2006

Behind the scenes

Well, today is gonna be spent running errands and packing up the van for tomorrow. I need to get all my jewelry priced and packaged... the tables and "extras" loaded up too. I will pop in tomorrow evening and let you know how everything goes at the Open House. Honestly, I am not expecting great things. The mailing list used for invites was last years. And everyone last year saw my beaded jewelry. They got little glimpes of my glass but for the most part everything I offered was under $30. I am thinking most of this crowd will have sticker shock and go for Heidi's jewelry. But I am okay with that. I know my stuff is good and this summer as I do shows solo with just my glass, a whole new crowd will discover me. I am really looking forward to it, getting rediscovered with my glass jewelry.

I wanted to get out to the torch so bad last night, but it just didn't happen. Hopefully I can get some last minute beads in tonight. If I am good and I am all packed up by this afternoon then I will have time to clean beads and make a few more things in the morning.

Lauren and I are off to her playgroup...

Oh, I almost forgot... my hearing is slowly popping in and out so I think it is on the mend. I am feeling loads better!

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