Thursday, June 29, 2006

A couple to share...

I have a few things to share, finally. Yesterday ended up being a pretty rough day after I updated the blog. I got in a terrible funk of a mood. I decided to take the evening off from torching. I think I was just over tired and when I am over tired that demon self doubting insecure artist in me comes out. I am feeling loads better today though. And I have two new necklaces to share!

Here is the first ~ for now I am calling it "the sun one" but I promise to come up with a better name for it soon, lol. The beads are simple but the necklace is bold when it is on. It is still a work in progress. The strand of seedbeads is too small for the scale of the beads. So I am thinking I will add another strand (or two).

This is "Threads" ~ who has heard the Weezer song "Sweater"... it goes something like this... if you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away, watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked, laying on the floor, I have come undone... I had that song in my head when I was making these beads. And the stringy design reminds me of the loose threads on sweaters so that's how it got it's name. I love this color combo for summer. Really light and crisp. The swarski bicones may be changed out for some amazonite or jade rounds.. but let me know what you think.

This morning was spent playing with raku frit ( I love me some raku frit!). I made some great ivory raku and brown nuggets that I am excided to have out of the kiln. I am still planning on have some bead box beads for you all tomorrow so stay tuned! Let me know your thoughts on these latest necklaces!


Lori said...

leave the crystals in the second and the seeds look fine in the first.
great designs kerry
keep them coming

Kerry said...

Thanks Lori! You really think the crystals should stay? Not too flashy for the beads?

Lori said...

those beads are perfect for a litle flash :-)