Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wild Wednesday...

*sigh* have I mentioned lately that I could use a nap? lol! I feel like I am back in college cramming for mid terms. But I know all this hard work is going to pay off. I have made more beads in the past 3 days then I have all June. AND they are good! I was starting to worry that I was going for quantity over quality but making myself aware of that makes me slow down, be patient and make good beads. And so far there have only been a few bad bead jar sacrifices. I need to spend this afternoon organizing and cleaning my jewelry desk area. It is a tidal wave of beads, paperwork and tools. I can't find anythign let alone make anything so that is this afternoon's task. Once I get that squared away, I can work on starting to assemble some jewelry! YEAH! I really need to get cracking on putting things together. I can't just keep making beads. I need to know where I stand, ya know.

Bless my Mom's heart! How wonderful it has been having her come by the past few days for me to work. At the same time she is driving me insane but I love her dearly. Yesterday she came by and just a little background on my Mom, she is 47 (yes young!), she is a spitfire, she has OCD when it comes to cleaning, and unfortunately she has lot of medical concerns. Anyway, when she came by yesterday... she decided that my living room area rug smelled so she took it out and then rearranged the furniture. Then she didn't like where the china cabinet was that got moved too. With the china cabinet in a new spot the dinning room table had to be moved too. Not to mantion the 3 loads of laundry she got put away and the dishes she did and how she got the kids to clean their rooms! Way to make a daughter feel like she doesn't do enough! I just have to reassure myself that if she was living here everyday with all my kids and was tryign to do what I do, she wouldn't get nearly that much done in a few hours. Plus, she goes to bed at like 7pm most days because she is so tired. Today was the same... more laundry, she organized the kids dresser drawers, went grocery shopping and found more dishes to do. Tomorrow she will no doubt take on my family room. I know that has her on the verge of a panic attack, lol! Thanks MOM, I love you!

Just an update on Lauren. I ended up taking her back to the doctor's yesterday for a recheck. And her ear is still infected. She is on another antibiotic, poor thing. But she should be back to her old self in no time!

Okay... I am off to get started on the desk reorganizing. Then I will snap some shots of all the stuff I have been working on the past few days!

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