Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh so much to share...

I tried several times to post the photos... it isn't working... here are the links instead:

Citrus Neckwire
New Citrus Bangle
Kaleidescope Bangle

I have so much to share with you and I know I am going to forget things... lets see what I can remember...

First, the photos above are of the bangles and neckwires I made this past weekend. I finially got the photos taken yesterday! I love the purple kaleidescope ones made with evil purple, and I was surprised how my I liked the green & orange combination too.

Oh... the auction started up last night. I was going to send out a group email to the mailing list but I think I will wait until we are closer to the auction end, sort of a reminder email. But here is the link for you to book mark it now... "Copper Courtyard". Speaking of bookmarking... have any of you seen this "Ebay Pulse Page". This is a listing of the Top-10 most watched lampwork auctions. Pretty cool, huh! I wanna be on the list someday. So everyone watch my item, if I get enough watchers, I make the list.

I am so excited about what is cooking in the kiln this morning... I made my very very first "off mandrel" bead. All the beads I make are wound on steel mandrels that have been dipped in bead release (a clay like substance that makes it so the beads come off the mandrels). When you spin the beads off the mandrels, the empty space is the hole you use to string the beads. I have never really understood the process of making off mandrel beads before. Then again, I never asked either, lol! Yesterday while trying to decide which Zoozii's tool I wanted, I looked at her off mandrel presses. I checked out her tutorial on how to use the tool, and had an "AH HA" moment... "so that's how it is done" flashed through my head! The bead is created on the end of the rod of glass and then separated from the rod at the very end before being put in the kiln. So, I didn't order the tool, it is kinda large for the strength of my torch, but I did have to give the technique a try. I made a very very cool black winged heart. I will share the results tomorrow... I know you are going to love it.

See... I knew I was going to forget things... I can't remember whatelse I wanted to say. Oh well, I can come back and update if I remember. I will be working on laundry, garden watering, and the "Blue Moon" tutorial today. My parents are out of town this week too so we'll be running over there to take care of their three basset hounds, Gracie, Willamina, & Ellie. Big ol' fat hound dogs with ears longer then they are need some visits from wild and crazy playfull kids.

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Justine said...

Ah, your new stuff is adorable! I really love that citrus bangle - green & orange combination looks very pretty with silver. This bangle is full of positive energy :) And the purple one looks so.. mysterious? All the colors are wonderful. Need to say that I love them all :)