Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday Tidings

Hey gang... I have been torching up a storm over here in my little NY studio. I don't know how much is usable but I am definately getting lots done. I was struck (it was like a bolt of lightening) with an idea for a necklace. I spent 3 hours making all the beads for it last night. I used every mandrel I had, all 48 of them. And this morning I am if-y about it. It maybe one of those things were it just looks weird on the rack. Are you thinking "What is she talking about?" Well, I will explain, I had this friend (who has since moved) that I used to go shopping with. Her favorite thing to do was pick really ugly things off the racks and she would alsways say "ugly on the rack, beautiful on the body". And she was almost always right. I found a lot of great things I wouldn't normally have even tried on by thinking that way. So I am hoping, as these beads are in a pile soaking waiting to be cleaned, that they will be better when the are all strung up. I will share a photo when the it's all ready!

I have also been working on focals for my wine bottle stoppers. I have 3 really really cool ones from last night! I am really excited about them. When I have a whole bunch done, I will take a big group shot for you to check out. Kinda like the group shot on my Wine Stopper page of my website. I have to round up all my toppers to see just how many I have blank in need of beads.

I have begged and pleeded with my Mom to get her to come by this week and play with the kids for me so I can have a couple hours of torch time each morning. Fingers crossed, I am thinking she will be by today. My plan (although it changes all the time) is to make as many beads as I can this week and weekend, then spend next week assembling jewelry, pricing, packing and otherwise organizing everything next week. I can't believe Cornhill is next weekend! I am so excited but petrified at the same time. So everyone, send my all your encouraging "you can do it, you'll be awesome" messages to keep me going :)

Now speaking of plans... my plan is also to have beads for you Thurs or Friday. It won't be a lot, probably only 4-5 sets but it will be something. Then once my show is over, I will devote the following week to making stuff just for you all! What do you all think of this big "organics" craze that seems to be going on in the bead world? Do you want be to go a little organic for you? Or keep doing what I have been doing? Let me know your thoughts.

Oh, before I go... the free beads winner is Lindsey L. Congrats Lindsey! I have more free beads to post, sorry I couldn't get to it yesterday. I will have them up later today :) As always, thank you so so much for all your support both with votes and the wonderful emails you gals send me. I know I can be lax sometimes in getting back to you, but I do read all your messages and I LOVE hearing from you! Thanks thanks thanks!

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