Friday, June 30, 2006

Did you get the news?

LOL! That was wild! I just updated my website with the new Bead Box beads then sent out an email to you all. I lazily tried to update my blog thinking... "Bead Box beads always take a while to sell, I will just update my blog and then check email again..." It was a good thing I went back to my email before doing the blog because you gals bought me out in minutes. That has never happened to me before, it was wild! I couldn't update fast enough. Fine by me though, I am glad you like the colors so much. I will make you more. Because I really like these too. I made more of the rounds last night. I popped in that Weezer CD I mentioned yesterday and just went to town. I was on a roll... I only up a small set of 6 of the round in the bead box but I have about double that. I had to keep some to make stuff myself. That rubino oro is a bugger to work with, get it too hot and the oro (gold) comes to the surface, not good. And it is one of the more expensive rods of glass too, so I rearly use it.

Anyway... check these out.

These are what I made during yesterday's morning torch session. I love the raku on ivory with the brown wraps... just yummy! I am definately making an auction set of those for you all to fight over. Just look at all the colors in that raku!

This is another new piece of jewelry that has come out of this jewelry making frenzy I have been in. This is "Festival"! Loads of color huh? Let me know what you think.

I have lots of other jewelry to share too, but that is going to have to wait. I was weeding the garden with my Mom this morning and all that bending has my back in knots. I am squirming like a worm in this chair. I will have more to show you tomorrow.

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