Friday, June 16, 2006

Class Tonight!

I am just doing a drive by quick update... I am on my way out to teach my Totally Twisted class. There are 5 people signed up tonight so I will have my hands full! I can't wait to meet everyone and show them all my new goodies. New goodies you say? Yeah... I made 3 new braclets yesterday afternoon while I was taking it easy resting my back. I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet, but you'll know when I do. I love 2 of them and I am if-y on 1. The one may need some tweaking. We'll see.

Anyway... THE POOL IS DONE! All done. Ron will be doing the electrical set up with my father-in-law probably next weekend. So, we can't swim in it yet, it still needs to be inspected first. But it will be so hard to resist tomorrow when it's 90 degrees!

I am still eagerly awaiting my new Zoozii tool. I ended up getting the rectangle. I wanted to try something totally different, but then thought I would make a few then it would just sit there. So I got one I know I will use, a lot.

Gotta run... I will tell ya all about class tomorrow!

Oh, and I am still babying my back. I can't touch my chin to my chest yet, I feel a stab in my lower back when I do, but I can walk and move okay right now. Thanks for all your well wishes and for keeping me in you thoughts!

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