Friday, June 09, 2006

*sigh*... I need a nap

It has been a busy couple of days around here. You might even say... eventful! Nothing all that thrilling to most people but in our family, it's been a lot.

First, I finished my tutorial, that took all of Wednesday evening and most of yesterday to finishing editing and photographing. I sent copies of just the text out to two of my advid wire working lampwork lovers. And both were able to make the links using just the instructions and a photo of the finished necklace. Thanks so much for your help Cindy & Holly! You girls are the best. Anyone else love wire? Make sure I know you really really like wire and I will have you be an editor on the next tutorial. Today's photo is of the finished necklace in the "Fall" colors. Denise Peck over at Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine loves it. She was on the fence about having this be an "online" project or in the magazine... now for sure, it is going to be in the magazine! So that means I will have 2 projects in one issue! For the colors I went with three shades of purple (pale ink blue, new lavander, and transparent lavander) and to set those off, a warm golden amber. To make it a bit more interesting, I etched some of the beads. Let me know if you liked how it turned out. (I know some of you have been trying to comment... I don't know what is up with blogger or my settings... I will try and figure it out :))

In other news, we had 8 TONS of sand delivered today for the pool! My parents are back from their trip to Cape Cod so they were just here helping us rake it all out. Several dozen wheelbarrels full had to be moved to other parts of the yard. There was way more then expected. But with the sand all leveled and the blocks all laided... we are ready to put up the walls and fill this bad boy up! Only problem... it probably won't hit 70 this weekend so... either we put it up when the weather warms up a bit, or we stand in knee deep freezing cold water for hours. It is a tough call... lol!

My friend Lindsey came by this afternoon for a visit. HI LINDSEY! It is always so nice to have her visit. She is knitter and finds all this wonderfull knitting/craft/sewing blogs and sends me emails when there are good posts I should read. She shared two really great ones recently... both on the same blog... check these out:

Amazing Studio( This is what my studio will look like someday!)
Blog about Balancing Life (I feel like this all the time and I love her "take a day off" way of stepping back.)

Ron just ran to get some Chinesee take out... I am pretty dead on my feet, but I have been dying to make beads all week. I may go out to the torch and just play later... or definately for a few hours tomorrow. I will let you all know how it goes!

OH... and by the way... "Copper Courtyard" still hasn't gotten it's first bid... what are you gals doing? And you all waiting til the last minute to bid? Or did you really not like them as much as you let on?


Kerry said...

testing commenter

Kerry said...

it works!

Nicky said...

Loving the necklace Kerry, When you mentioned you were going to do it in Fall colours i saw in my head all brown and one single red bead in the middle. I would never of thought of putting those colours together but they just go so well.

Cant wait for the magazine to come out, but remember what happened to the lady in that blog, make sure your ready and remember to take time out lol.