Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just Wednesday

Off Manrel Heart - Click to see

(Bloggers seems to be having trouble loading photos, sorry)

Well, here it is... my very first off mandrel bead. I know, I know... it is a little wonky and weird, but it was a first attempt... I know the next one will be even better. And I don't know what I was thinking when I chose the colors. Black is a firm color glass, not like white which flows everywhere when hot. So I knew I could hold the shape better with it durning a first try. It is small, smaller then I will do in the future. I added a "shank" or small round bead to the back so it could hang like a pendant or be used as a button. I need to work on balancing and where to put the shank on the back. I liked the "wings" because they helped better define the heart shape. All in all, a good first attempt :) Let me know your thoughts! Oh, go ahead and comment right here on my blog. It is easy and you don't have to register or anything. Just comment.

I was able to get all the beads made for the tutorial I am writing. I will make that necklace today, all the parts but the ones to photograph "in process". I told Ron he couldn't go golfing tonight and that he had to take all the pictures this evening. I need to get it in the mail by Friday to meet the mid-June deadline. I think I will be able to get it done :)

Once the tutorial is finished I will be making beads like crazy. Cornhill Arts Fest is just one month away! I need earrings, more braclets, cool necklaces and other goodies to get done. As I make beads over the next 4 weeks, whatever I make, I will do extra of for my Bead Box. I probably won't have any huge 7-8 set offering but I will be sure to have a set or two here and there. Watch for those green arrows on the home page because, I won't send out emails everytime I post new ones. I like to save emails for when I have a lot to offer, I hate spamming you gals.

Oh... I fixed the link for the kaleidescope bracelet. So if it didn't work for you before, it should now. Let me know how you like those beads :)

I have to go water the garden...


Chrissie said...

The heart is fabulous! It seems like it should belong to an evil angel :)

crymson said...

cool first attempt at off mandral beads! I like the silver in the heart. Its always fun to try something new!