Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rings-Things... you gotta go!

Morning everyone... I don't know why I am up so early on the first day of summer vacation. Well, no, I do know why... I have lots of exciting things happening today!

First of all, I could not wait to get my beads from last night out of the kiln! Ron didn't get home until almost 10pm from golf. I heard him mumble something about longest day of the year and extra holes... I didn't care... I took off to the torch the minute he came in. The kids were at each others throats all afternoon, so I really needed my queit time to blaze. Anyway... I had bought a small set of encased lentils from Shibumi Glass last week. Real cute encased black lentils with white dots. (I got them because A - the price was GREAT and B - I am not the best at encased lentils so I htought I could learn by seeing some great ones in person.) They came int he mail yesterday and was instantly thinking of the joke... "What's Black & White & Red all over?"... the newspaper. LOL! So I just had to work with the trio last night. I got a lot of beads made and I was out there until after midnight! I really cooked up some wild things. And once I assemble the jewelry, I will share the photos. Fun fun fun!

I was reeling last night after I finished my beads and just could not sleep... so I stayed up until after 2am reading my book. I have only 20 pages left so I will definately be ready for tonight;s meeting. Ironic... the book is about a book club and their meetings... and we are a book club having a meeting, LOL. Okay, it is not that funny. But it's cute. I can't wait for our get together. Tami is hosting tonight. I know the food and wine and chitchat will be awesome!

But before the meeting... the highlight of my summer happens today! The Rings N Things Trunk Show is coming to town!! The come to Rochester twice a year. And I have been waiting since last September for all those beading goodies to be back in town. The room is just loaded from end to end with table upon table of strands of beads. It's were I get all my pearls and lots of really good silver. Here is how it works... you walk up to a strand of beads... you take the price on the tag and cut it in HALF... and then you take and extra 10% off that! I am already counting the minutes until Ron gets home fomr work. I am making him take a half day so I can go. No chilren allowed! You know I am going to take a big 'ol photo of my loot for you gals! And if they come in your neck of the woods... GO!

So that is about it... awesome beads... book club... and a trunk show... that's enough to make a girl not able to sleep on the first day of summer :) I will be back this afternoon!

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Holly said...

AAAAH you lucky girl! I have been dying for a Rings&Things trunk show to come to Charleston! Look for Skylar and report back. that is Russ' son, and he is supposed to be a hottie. ;-)