Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday Fundraiser

Hey gals... today turned into such a busy one. I had hoped to make beads first thing, but I over slept. Then Bitty Kitty had to go and get a rabies shot. After that... a few errands. I had completely forgot to let you know... today at Studio 34 there was a Breast Cancer fundraiser. A walk in jewelry repair day. All the teachers volunteered their time & tools to do the repairs and all the repair costs were donated. It was from 12-3 and I took Jacob along. I think he is finally getting to the age where he is more helpful then a handful being taken along. He made a few memory wire bracelets with some other kids there that were donated to raise funds. I fixed a pearl illusion necklace and some earrings. I also learned to do the byzentine chain maille while I was there. Pretty cool huh?

You should be in my living roon right now, you would be holding back giggling. Jacob just got a hair cut, and he hates it... he is furious. He is soooo mad at Ron. He is covered in little hair bits and should be taking a shower but he is refusing. Ron is teasing him and making it even worse, I shouldn't be laughing, but it really is funny.

The kiln is warming up right now... I am heading out to make some knobs and beads right now. So I may have some goodies for you tomorrow or Monday... something different... wait and see.

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