Friday, June 23, 2006

The loot...

I have been trying for the past half hour to figure out an easy way to show you all the stuff I got at Rings n Things yesterday. I decided that the easiest thing to do was make a quick page on my website will all the photos... so check out my goodies HERE! (It's fixed!)

And I worte up little descriptions of every thing I got. All in all it was a great show... SOOO many people turned out. The line to check out was a 40 minute wait and that was with like 7 cashiers. My favorite thing to get at RNT is pearls. There are usually so many beauticul dyed fwp... but this time, almost none. I got one strand of (too expensive) coin pearls and a couple of other smaller pear strands... you'll see it all on the page in my website. I was thinking that I have way more then I will ever use and rather then having loads of half strands cluttering up my desk... I could offer extras up to you all. So if you see stuff you really really like... send me an email. I can give you a price... like the conglomerate jasper... $3 a bead. Or the pink magnesite... 10 for $2.50.

Todays pic here on the blog is of all those beads I made Wednesday night. Newspaper beads... black white and red all over, lol! I have an order to work on first but since all these colorrs are still on my desk, I will be making you guys some bead box beads like these... would you like that?

Gotta dash... things to do and teaching tonight :)

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