Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Highspeed Update

I am back :) Eeeekkkk... I am so excited. First of all, this weeks free beads winner is Penny R. Congrats Penny! Thanks so much for your votes everyone... you are keeping me up in the top 10 every week and that is so awesome! I really really appreicate that! I can't tell you how much my little bead and jewelry business has grown in the past few months, and it is all thanks to you all letting others know about me :) The new free beads are just a couple I had left from the "Copper Courtyard" set... hope you like 'em.

Now to my exciting news... Kab's Creative Concepts is now at Blueground Jewelry in Pittsford NY! Blueground is a very trendy unique high end jewelry store. Mark has been awesome to work with, even though he teases me, lol! And I can't wait to see how my jewelry is received. (This was the important appointment earlier that I didn't want to be late for, Mark was choosing jewelry for the shop.) There are now more then a dozen pieces on show! If you are ever in the area... go check it out! I really wanted to be in a shop locally before Cornhill, so I would have someplace to send everone who askes "are you local?". Now I have the perfect spot!

In light of today's meeting, I spent hours yesterday cleaning organizing and making jewelry. It was a yucky raining day so it was perfect. Lauren got to watch movies and I got a lot of work done. I have some new jewelry to share "Blue Moon Too" and new "Whirl Wind Bangle" and great colorful, corkscrew glass earrings. I will share photos tomorrow. For now, I need to go sit with my feet up and finish my book club book. I worked my tail off the past two days and I deserve a break, lol! I will check in with ya'll tomorrow!


I have to make this short because I am on my way out the door for a very very important meeting, which I will hopefully wanna tell you all about when I get back. But, my lips are sealed for now.

I just wanted to let you know I have been internet less the past 24 hours. But we just got set up with highspeed access (no more dial up YAHOOOOOO!). SO I have a free beads winner and new free beads... but if I take the time to update right now, I will be late for that very very important appointment so I will be back in a few hours with all the details!

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