Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's Electrifing!

Today should be an interesting one... my father-in-law is going to be here helping my husband install the electricity to the pool. Now my father in law knows what he is doing. He was an electrican for a good part of his life, but my husband on the other hand does not. SO today is going to be Electric 101 for him. And while they are at it, they are wiring me up some outlets in my studio and putting in a new over head light.

I will be spending the day keeping the kids out of their way, and hopefully get some jewelry made too. Once they get my part of their project done, I will, of course, be making beads :) I have an idea for a new color combo inspired by Lauren's bathing suit and new swimming towel!

I will post some photos when I have them!

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