Monday, June 05, 2006

I am the giveaway winner!

The Zoozii's Tool Of The Month Giveaway Winner that is! I get a free Zoozii's tool! Anyone I want. I can't decide! Go over to and tell me which shape I should get. I already have the Lentil Trio, Nugget Trio, Tab & Tile Duo, Pillow, Drawer Pull, and Crystal Trio. I was thinking rectangles or ovals? Since you all buy my beads, I figured I should ask what you would like to see me making!

Now, the winner of my free bead giveaway is Heather H. THANK YOU HEATHER & everyone who keeps coming back to vote for me. I appreciate your support and love of my beads. Thanks thanks thanks! I posted the new free beads... I forgot I had these ones, I think you'll love 'em. Let me know!

"Copper Courtyard"... that's what I decided to name the new beads that will be posted on Ebay tonight. As my loyal blog readers you are getting sneak peek at them. I love these beads. You have already seen what I can do with them, I can't wait to see what someone else comes up with. They were made with Copper Green and you can see the places near the edges where the copper has come up to the surface of the glass giving them a wonderful weathered look. They make the blue/green hues in the Jitterbug Raku on the black tiles just pop. I was surprise just how well they go together. I added a couple of smaller pairs that are just the right size for earrings or dangles.

Tonight I will be making the beads for a Fall version of "Blue Moon" and I will hopefully be finishing the tutorial on that by the end of the week. I will keep you posted and share how it turns out. In the meantime... remember, check out Zooziis and tell me which shape I should get, watch for my auction to start later tonight, and go see what you think of the new free beads. I took photos of those cool bangles from this weekend, but I will save those for tomorrow :)

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Lindsey said...

zulu, cubes, and raindrops!