Sunday, June 04, 2006

Open House Summary

The Open House went fine... thanks for all the support everyone! For the most part the weather was miserable, pouring rain and low 60's. We thought that would work to our advantage, figuring at least people won't be out working on their lawns and forget about us. But I think what it ended up doing was keep everyone in their homes curled up watching movies, LOL! I know that's what I would have wanted to be doing. Anyway, we had a few dozen people come through, and it was great. Lots of wonderful feedback. My "Rustic Pebbles" bracelet sold, I was very excited about that! Thanks Carol! As well as a few of my other "beaded" things (those less then $30 items I told you about.) It was great to get an idea of just what I have... seeing everythign out on the tables let me see that, Oh - I need more colors! and I think I want to get this for the display or that for the display. We decided that for next year we will have the Open House a little earlier in the year, more like end of April, right before Mother's Day.

In beading news... I will be making that Ebay set today! I made a bunch of beads Friday night, that I used in bangles that I am just dying to share with you all. Unfortunately I left my camera at Heidi's so I need to go pick it up, then I can share.

We are going to try and plant our vegetable garden today... it is still pouring and cold, so we may just buy the plants for the garden and plant them later, lol!

I will check back with photos later!

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