Saturday, June 17, 2006

Suddenly on Saturday...

Ugh... you know, yesterday morning Lauren woke up with a runny nose. I didn't think much of it, we had spent most of the day outside on Thusday and there is LOTS of cottonwood floating in the air right now. I just figured it was allergies. I gave her some childrens benydrel and thought she would be fine. I thought nothing of it as I was leaving for class last night, wasn't even thinking she had a full blown cold. Then.... last night.... SHE WAS UP ALL NIGHT! If she wasn't coughing, she was crying that she had "budders". If she was complaning about her congestion, she was restless and crying. It was like we had a newborn in the house again with the number of times we got up. So, needless to say, she was pretty miserable all day today. But as the day went on, things just seemed to escalate with her. She starting complaining that her ear hurt, and then she got a fever all of a sudden. Take a wild guess where I was at 2:30 this afternoon when we were about to have company over at 3:00... I was at the Urgent Care Center. Yep.. you guessed it... she has ANOTHER ear infection! I am rather peeved about the whole thing. Mostly due to the fact that in 8 year of being a mother and so many ear infections I can't count how many I have had to take them in for... NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THERE ARE NUMBING DROPS FOR EARS! Yeah.. really. You need a perscription, but two drops every couple of hours and it numbs the ear drum so it doesn't hurt as much. Next time one of you Moms are up all night with an ear infectioned baby... ask for the drops! The phamasist at Target said most doctors just don't think to perscribe them. Force of habit they send you home with amoxicillian and motrin.

Thanks for letting me get that over tired rant out....

Now about class last night. We had so much fun! Two of the students ended up missing class but hopefully I can catch them up next week or then can catch it in July. Andrea, Jackie and Jackie's daughter Alley took to things really quickly. Andrea and Jackie might tell you different, but I know they will have things down great in no time. Alley just took right off. She was experimenting, trying stuff out, just doing her own thing. She is 12 and it is so great to see that creativity in someone her age. Instead of see a snotty face and headphones like I get from a lot of my cousins that age. I was telling the ladies about my friend Lindsey's "Stitch n' Bitch" knitting group and how I want to make a "Wire N Whine" class... they said lets make it "Wire, Whine & Wine" group! So I think Jackie is bringing a bottle of wine to our second half of class on Friday. Should be really fun!

Like I said, things went downhill when I got home..but in more ways then just Lauren. I had planned on having my parents over for dinner this afternoon to celebrat father's day with my Dad. When I go tin the door I was informed that my husband had invited his parents too! Now all of you with in-laws know, you have to do a totally differnt kind of cleaning to have your in-laws over. I was so mad! I was on my knees washing the baseboards behind the toliet, and the dustbunnies under the bed, the wall behindthe garbage can first thing this morning... I even had to organize the tupperwear cabinet. Between the heavy cleaning, the 90 degree heat and carring Lauren around at the doctors, my back is sore again. It isn't as bad as it was... just sore. So no beading in tonight. I still need to baby it a little longer. But I have some ideas working that I NEED to work on so definately this week!

On to my new jewelry creations....

These are the newbies I created Thursday afternoon:

"Antiques" ~ the bracelets ~ I love love love these beads especially when paired with an olive green shirt! They just roll so nicely on your wrist. I made my own jumprings too on this, a first for me. I think the rings turned out good :) I made matching earrings too.

"Follow Your Heart" ~ bracelet ~ gotta love raku! and another "say it on your wrist" sterling disc. Raku tile earrings to match.

"Carousel" ~ work in progress ~ this is the one I am not so sure about. It looks great in the photo and it looks great on your wrist but terrible just sitting on the counter. I think it is the clasp that I am not happy with. I will keep working on it. I had seen a class offering on the "Bead Fest Philli" website by Lisa Nivin Kelly that was a similar style. I loved the design and tried to see what I could do to change things up with lampwork. Let me know your thoughts!

Sorry about all the links... blogger photos is down, yet again!

I haven't had a chance to add them to the site yet, but I hope to have them up by Monday.
SO that's about it... a long update tonight huh? Anyway.. I am really really behind on replying and letting you all know that i have received your votes. SO I promise to catch that up tonight!

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