Friday, August 11, 2006

200th Post... WOW!

Dang... I just logged on to update and noticed that this is blog post #200. I should get a cake or something like they do on tv when a series has it's 200th episode. Not really, but it's a thought, lol.

Thanks you so much for all the supportive emails you are sending me, gals. I appreciate it. And I am having a MUCH better day today. I woke up early and made myself some coffee then fired up the kiln. I spent about 4 1/2 hours making beads. I filled the kiln right up! I got a new set for Ebay finished, which you all can help me name again. I got a bunch of beads made for bangles to go over to the wineries AND I got the beads made for a new "Autumn Threads" necklace. I am on a roll. Lets hope the roll continues straight through the weekend. Tomorrow I will finish up bead box beads (I have 3 sets done so far) and work on more discs plus the beads for another new necklace I have dancing around in my head.

Here is your sneak peek at the new Ebay set.

I am thinking "Eggplant Plaid", what do you think? This is just a snipet, the full set is stunning. There are a dozen plain nuggets all purples and greens! I will share a photos when they are ready.

Anyway... I plan to hop in the shower now then go run some errands "kid free". Any of you Moms ever heard of "Kid free" errands? It's amazing... you go to the store and you don't take any kids with you! And then when you walk in the aisles, amazingly you remember everything you need to pick up, you don't have to race out because no one is bored and messing around with stuff on the shelves... and best of all, if your lucky, your Target has a Starbucks in it and you can have a whole Frappacino to yourself! LOL!

It is that time of year... my dear friend Lindsey's birthday (Aug 13th) and my half birthday (Feb 13th). We have made it tradion now to go out to lunch or dinner on your special days to celebrate. And "Simply Crepes" is our favorite place to go. We are hoping to get out tonight! I can't wait. I will be on cloud nine! A day of making beads, kid free errands, and dinner with my friend... I couldn't ask for a better day!

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Kathy said...

Hey Kerry,
OMG those beads are gorgeous.
I Love that color combo. It is my favorite. Can't wait for you to posst it on e-bay.
Congrats on your 200th post on your blog.
happy fun celebrating with your friend tonight. Happy half birthday on Sunday.