Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Forced Rest

I am being forced to take a prep day off. My Mom has a doctor's appointment and Ron is going golfing. Umhp... don't these people realize I need to work! LOL! Just kidding, I could actually really use the break. And in the meantime I will assemble jewelry and order more gas for the torch. Check out the latest... another "Chunky Funky" in brights and one in Fall tones.

And here are the results of yesterday's pink and greens. I love pink and green! These ended up a lot more green then the last batch. I really like how even though I am repeating a color combo, all the beads are still unique. You never get the same set twice. I like that! So the current neckwire count is 12 and bangles is 7. I am getting there, huh?

I didn't get as many Raku & Ivory done last night as I would have liked. But I did get a bunch. I ended up doing ovals. I am not sure why, just thought I would see how they looked. I got some cool greens in these. I can never tell how the colors will strike, it is just one of those things I am still trying to learn to do consistantly. But I do like the unconsistant result, sometimes, lol. There should be enough here for two new bracelets. I am thinking one wire and one strung. I wanted to etch the disks but I seem to have used up all my etching solution last week! I dropped a few in to the black sludge and when I took them out they were still shiny. But never fear, more etching liquid is on the way! Along with a few pounds of glass rods too.

It will be back to prep business as usual tomorrow. I am probably going to pick up a little tank of gas to get some stuff done tonight. I just hate spending $10 on one pound of gas when my 30lb tank is $30. Three times the cost is just nuts!

Okay, who caught Rock Star last night? THE SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE! I can't not even begin to guess who they will send home. Ron is hoping Dilana or Lukas... I just we will just have to wait and see. I love that show... can't stand SuperNova but love those rockers!


Nicky said...

Omg - the colours combo on the first bracelet is just amazing !
You always seem to put the best colours together ! Fab

Kathy said...

Hey Kerry,
Another awesome show and tell for us all. The colors combos are truly amazing.
Boy, did Ryan get robbed tonight or what??? I think it should have been Storm.

Chrissie said...

I have to agree with nicky and kathy...the colors are awesome! I especially love the fist bracelet but, the raku "eggs" are so cool!

Kerry said...

Thanks girls! I can't decided which I like better, the brights or the fall one. I am more a fall person so I think I lean towards that one. But then, I don't wear a lot of red so I really like the teals in the brights... grrrrr... oh the trouble involved in picking favorites!

Nicky said...

Why do you need to pick a favourite - love them both !

Melinda said...

Love the colors of the fall bracelet. Also--the neckwire with the pink beads takes me back to "Pretty in Pink"! And the raku beads are very interesting, my head is buzzing with all the colors you could bead them with. Sorry that Ryan got the boot.

Sarebear said...


Ok, you take your earplugs out now . . .

The pics wouldn't show up for me yesterday, so I'm only just now seeing them.

HOly!!!! SWEET stuff.