Sunday, August 27, 2006

Silent Cinema Sequel

Did you figure out the clue? Did you guess I would be making plaids in a new shape? Well check them out! This is "Silent Cinema Sequel". A set of plaid (obviously) lentils in black white & gray. Is there a more classic color combo? I don't think so. These are just so classy. I love them. The first set of blk wht & gray beads I made I called "Silent Cinema" so as I made these I decided to call these their sequel. I have to say though, I think these BLOW those old ones out of the water. It makes me so proud to see how far I have come in resent months. Even if I do say so myself, lol.

In other news... I was in a fantastic mood this morning and it was enlightened even more when these beads came out of the kiln. I was so excited I cleaned them right away, strung them up and got them photographed. Then as I was online updating the photos, I was on my favorite cyber glass art hang out, , when I opened up a thead by a fellow glass artist about the October 2006 Bead & Button issue. I was so excited because that is the issue I should be in. I sent her an email asking her to look for me and it turns out that the "Your Work" gallery where my "Silver Lining" necklace should be shown is devoted to the 2006 Bead Dreams winners. I AM NOT IN IT! I am so bummed out! I sent an email to the editors and hopefully I will get news tomorrow that is has just been pushed back an issue. I will let you know. In the meantime my wonderful mood has been completely wiped out.

I am going to make beads all afternoon so I think my mood will improve. Anyway... thank you for all the color combos suggestions that have been pouring in. Awesome ideas people! KEEP THEM COMING!

I hope you'll pop into the new auction later tonight. I have it set to start around the usual time, 9pm est. Bid bid bid! And let me know what you think of it.


Anonymous said...

Let's all talk about your "RUN-A-WAY". Maybe we should name your next set, "To your room for the "NIGHT". Tell me what colors come to mine? He's a "Little run-a-way!" Dad said, the next beads should be named and I think the colors can be something in the shade of red and orange and then a calming "CHOCOLATE" or is that "DOUBLE VINILLA"!

Lora_3 said...

I love these beads! I've been spying on your work for the last 2 months so I can't wait to see how these do on ebay. Good-Luck!

Be Safe...

Lori said...

Love anonymous suggestion

Kerry said...

Hey Lora #, welcome to my blog. Thanks for the compliments and please feel free to post anytime. No lurking... join the fun!

Mom... you are lunky I am the only one who understands you cryptic writting.

Hey Lori! Don't encourage her.