Monday, August 07, 2006

SeaBreeze... Soccor... Sleep

My oh my... what a wild day we have had.

First... you gotta click the image of the new beads and check out the larger photo. Wow. I love these. I want everyone of the for myself. I just took this photo on the porch. I was only able to get this one pic before the camera batteries died, grrr... but I will recharge them tonight and get the good photos done tomorrow. At least for now you get a better view of them then the one yesterday. They still don't have a name... I liked the suggestion from yesterday "Caramel Creme Tweed" but I also like "Autumn Wrappings". I will know for sure by tomorrow, keep sendign me your suggestions.

Now Sea Breeze... FUN! We had a blast just as I predicted. We got there about 11:00 and started with a ride on the bumper cars. Wegmans provided a huge buffet of hots, hamburgers, salads, pastas, and desserts... lots of sodas and endless ice cold bottled water. I got a few pics before those dang batteries died and I will resize them tomorrow. After lunch we spent a few hours on the water slides. Yooo Hoooo! The new ride "Helix", not worth the 45 minute wait according to Ron & Jacob. We decided that we were all pretty whipped by 5:00 so we headed home. Just in time for Jacob's soccer game.

Man was soccer a load of fireworks tonight. Jacob's league is a "instructional" league and for the 2 yrs he has been in it, the "refs" (as known as 13 yr old boys with a whistle) have never called things like "illegal throw ins" or "sliding". They are 8 for crying out loud, they don't slide on purpose. So, all a sudden, tonight they are calling everything. And I mean everything. Parents were all wondering what was going on, and the coaches too. Our coach after one call had to ask "what was that one for?" When we heard it was for "tripping", the parents were all saying amongst themselves..."what?" "are you serious?" With in minutes the groundskeeper comes over and starts yelling at the parents telling us to calm down or we would be asked to leave. It was wild because no one was upset, no one was loud, no one was being unruly. We were sitting in our yawn chairs whispering to each other. The guy was way out of line repremanding the adults in front of the kids with out a reason. So several of us Mom's will be calling the morning to complain about this groundskeeper. Just crazy...

So, that's about it... fun day... beautiful beads... crazy soccer game... now time for bed, lol. I got a start on another set of plaids this morning that I will work on finishing up tomorrow... what till you see these new ones! I love this style!


Sarebear said...

Yummy yum yum yummy!

Chrissie said...

I have to agree with sarebear! YUMMY! I kinda like autumn wrap too because they do kinda looks like wrapping paper.