Thursday, August 10, 2006

No Clever Titles

Man am I beat. Summer is really getting to me. Maybe it is just a bad day but I am in a terrible, tired mood. I probably shouldn't update my blog while in this mood but oh well. Maybe blogging will improve things.

I had a sudden urge yesterday afternoon to spruce up my homepage a bit, what do you think? A few of you sent emails saying you liked it. I like it too. I wish I had a way to have my blog right on the homepage instead of the photos but I am not that computer savy. I tried to pick out photos with beads in all purples & greens to go with my logo. And I was a ble to find a bunch. I am still keeping the oh-so-very-important "green triangles" around. This time they are marking the "Ebay Auctions" link since I have an auction running. But when there are Bead Box Beads, they'll point to that.

I had every intention of making Bead Box Beads last night but it was a rough one around here (which did not help to improve my mood in the least bit). Ron decided to go golfing and I had all the kids all day and all evening. It's funny, when I shared my evening with the gals over at one of the forums, I got a response that said "I'd be a really happy Mom if it weren't for all these kids", lol. And that fits me to a tee. I love my kids more then anything else in the world, and I would do anything for them. But at the same time, my world doesn't revolve around them, I need to be acknowledged as a person to. When I have them for 15-16 hours straight with no help, I go looney. That's why I have a husband to help me keep sane. Anyway, back to the evening, I tried all day to do everything to keep everyone happy. We had a lot of errands to run during the day but they were good for me and got to have popcicles. I made them their favorite dinner, spagetti. Then we headed out to soccer. After the game I took them to the playground for a while. It was when we got home that all hell broke loose.

I sent Jacob to take a shower, had Andrew pick out a prebedtime movie and I went to check on my auction. With in seconds, Andrew was downstairs crying so hard he was hyperventilating and couldn't speak. All I got out of him was "Jacob... Pokemon cards... in the shower." I went upstairs, pulled Jacob out of the shower (amongst a floor covered in wet Pokemon cards) and sent him to bed without dessert (oh what a horrible punishment). Apparently 8 is the new 13 because he went on to scream himself horse that he wasn't going to bed, that it was all Andrew's fault and that he was running away from home. I was able to get out of them that they were both to blame. Andrew was poking Jacob through the shower curtain so Jacob pushed him which cause the Pokemon cards to go into the shower. So both were sent to bed. Both faught and battled not to go and by time Ron got home I had enough.

Needless to day, I was in no mood to make beads, I just went to bed and read. Then tossed a turned till about 2 am. Which would probably explain why I am tired and cranky today. I did try to start the morning off with happy smiles and pleasent "Good Mornings" with "let's try to have a better day". But for the most part they have been bickering all day. I called Ron and asked him to take tomorrow off work to give me a break. And I told him he is making dinner tonight so I can lock myself away in the studio. LOL! I so appreciate him and how understanding and helpful he is. I couldn't not do this without his help.

We are heading over to the library in a little bit, books and movies are due. Keep your fingers crossed that the kids don't decide to run up and down the aisles. LOL. I hope to have some new beads for you soon!

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Chrissie said...

Wow, I don't know how you do it! I hope today is a little more peaceful for you :)

I really like the updates to your website...especially the frames/borders around the pictures on the start page.

Have a fabulous day!