Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some of the results...

I finally took a few minutes to take some quick photos of the bangles and neckwires I have been making with all the beads that have come out of the kiln the past couple of days. First, my favorites, the ink & teal ones. I love these colors. And you can bet that when my glass order arrives next week, I will be making Bead Box beads in these colors. I just love love love them. It is a very gray and rainy day here so it isn't the best photo, but I had to show you something, lol. I am also making lots of earrings too. I am up to about two dozen pairs right now.

The black & white were the beads I made Sunday. I like 'em too. Very neutral, match anything kinda stuff. I am hoping to have around 30 neckwire and at least 20 bangles for next week's show. But I am only up to 5 bangles. It is slow go. Since they each take 5 beads... that is 100 beads for 20 bangles. (Look I can do math, lol) Lots of work .

I did try to make beads last night, I mentioned like some greens and yellows on my desk. Once I finally got out there I was whipped. And just not feeling the colors, so it turned out to be a not so productive evening. The Parents VS Kids soccer match is what did me in. But it was so my fun and definately worth it. I played offense for a bit but then got stuck in as the goalie. There were literally 30 kids to 8 adults. I stopped all the shots on goal, thank you very much. And I got nicknamed "The Boot". I have a very powerful kick for goal kicks. Jacob actually said he thought I wouldn't be any good but I surprised him, lol. Not too many Mom's can kick a soccer ball from the goal past midfield.

Today's color combo was a "safe" one. Pink & Green! Who doesn't love pink & green. You all keep suggesting brown &... colors, but I am out of transparent light brown so I will have to see what I can come up with. I decided that tonight, after Rock Star (GO RYAN!) I am going to have a Raku night. I will make some raku disks, raku nuggets, raku pebbles.... but I said I was out of black didn't I? I am thinking I am gonna do raku & ivory.... I will let you know how it goes. I have to tell you the sweetest thing the kids did today. While I was working and Mom was here playing with them, all a sudden all three where standing behind me was a grill cheese sandwich and a soda. They made me lunch! It was so nice. I am sure my Mom had something to do with it, so THANKS MOM! I gave them each a big thank you hug and kiss.

Time to check on the beads from this morning, dip mandrels for this evening and start dinner. Check ya later!

OH and by the way... I AM LOVING ALL THE POSTING ON THE BLOG! Yoo-hooo! I love it!


Kathy said...

WOW Kerry.
You were really in the groove.
The inks and greens are a great combo.
I really like all star super nova too. It is getting sooo close.
Happy beading to you.

Lora_3 said...

Now I've got to figure out who Ryan is. The one I like on Rock Star is Storm I think. I'm still not sure winning a tour with Tommy Lee is a prize.

I like the Black&White beads. They'd make a very sexy long necklace for that perfect litle black dress.

Be safe...

Kerry said...

Thanks Girls ... I was in a good groove. I just finished sstringing up the pinks and greens. And a couple more chunky funky bracelets. The brights one rocks! Just wait til you see it tomorrow.

Rock Star starts in 4 mins... gotta run!

Chrissie said...

I usually don't go for black and white but I love these! And the green and blue are so cool. I can't wait to see the pink and green...