Monday, August 14, 2006

Going on a Fall Walk

Well, what do you think of the Fall beads? I, for one, love them! I could make stuff with every bead! So what doesn't go, you'll see in jewelry in one way or another. I especially like the plaids, of course. I hand shaped the oval ones, no press used, cool huh?

Today was a rather busy one. The boys went to friends house to play and I went with Lauren to teach a mini wire lesson to a neighbor of my Mom's. The lovely ladies who I taught today paid me with a big box of Godiva chocolates... yum! I am exhausted though. Lauren woke up about 3am with a phantom fever and she has been pretty cranky today. Which wears me out. I think she and I will be skipping tonight's soccer game (besides it's raining). I need to start to organize all the goodies I am taking down to the wineries on Thursday.

So... that's about it for now. New beads... mini wire lesson... ready for wineries... sick Lauren... yeah, that's all of it. I will check in again tomorrow!


Earlier today:

"A Fall Walk" is going to be today's Bead Box theme. I am just popping in to let all you early morning blog readers know, the beads are ready. They have NOT been posted yet but they have all been lovingly cleaned, etched, strung and photographed. I am goig to go teach a mini wire lesson around lunch time and the boys will be at a friends house. When we are home and settled in, I will be updating the Bead Box with all the goodies. There will be NINE sets so should be plenty to go around.

I will send out an email when they are all ready to go :)

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Chrissie said...

I love the colors in these fall beads! It was hard not to try to snag several sets, but I have to save some $$ for the gem and jewelry show this weekend!! Awesome work Kerry!