Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mojo Lost

Check out my new studio addition...

This is what Ron and I worked on for most of the day yesterday. Well, Ron worked on the desk and I worked on cleaning the garage and moving that green shelving over to the right more. But I was there step by step giving him measurements, tell him just what I wanted. It turned out great!

See how it extends my current work area. The kiln is right close by. It was only about 2 feet away before but now it is right there next to me, it's perfect. And it is nice not having the shelving there. Much easier to keep tidy. And here is my favorite part...

This is the most important piece of equipement I have! My GLASS! And I love having it all sorted and easy to see. I know exactly how many rods of each color I have and what I need to order. See all those rods of blue at the bottom? I didn't even know I had that much of that one color, now I know!

I snapped these shots this morning right before getting ready to make some beads. And my bead mojo is still gone. I tried some new stuff, "squeeze" beads. And I did some fun striped lentils. I am sure once they come out of the kiln later tonight, my mojo will return. What tends to happen to me is that I think everything is turning out terrible. Which puts me in a miserable mood, then I open up the kiln and realize these are good. Then my mojo magically returns. I will let you know how it goes.

We have a big family picnic this afternoon. Ron's cousin just graduated from college. He is 34 and had dropped out of high school around 10th grade. He never got his GED or anything, so this is a really big accomplishment for him. And the family wants to celebrate his efforts. There is going to be around 80 people there, WOW! Should be fun. Joey, Ron's cousin, plays poker with Ron most of the times he goes, so all the poker buddies will be there too. I think they are planning card games in the evening.

Tomorrow is going to be a lazy, do nothing, pool looks mighty inviting kinda day. So I hope to get a more productive torch session in. I may put a hold on the lime/coral/turq sets. Sometimes if I switch colors it spices up my imagination and then I can come back to the colors with a better idea of what I want to make. And I think I may be feeling a little Fall-ish, hmmmm.....

OH! Monday is going to be a really really fun day! We are going to Seabreeze. Our local amusement park. Before my Mom went out of work on disability, she worked at Wegmans. A large grocery store chain here in Rochester/Upstate NY. Well, Wegmans was named the #1 place to work in America so each store is gettin it's own Seabreeze day. For $10 a person you get to ride all the rides and eat all day! What a deal! My mom is still friends with a lot of the people at her store and they extended the invitation to us. I used to work there after high school while I was in college. I was in the deli... how would you like that sliced? LOL. I will be sure to bring the camera along!

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