Sunday, August 06, 2006

Found It!

My bead mojo wasn't lost! I found it! It was just hiding in a Frank Lloyd Wright/Arts & Crafts/Piet Mandrain/Fall-ish/Bungalo set of beads. Check 'em out.

Yes, yes.. the photo is terrible but I haven't been this excited about a set of beads since my "Melted Vinyl" set. I couldn't wait to show you so I just snapped a shot on the deck quick. I worked on these all morning. Putting a hold on the lime/coral/turq beads was the best thing for me this morning. I went up to my rod rack... pulled out dark chocolate brown and transparent light brown... then I went for a rod of copper green and coral orange. EEEEKKKK! These are cool! I will clean, string and photograph them properly tomorrow but I just had to share them with you. I know I have made a good set when I show them to Ron and he says "Oh WOW!" instead of "how much are those?". He wants to call them something chocolate truffle-esque but I haven't decided yet. I will be listing these ones on Ebay on Tuesday. But as a blog regular... you can always send me a private bid before I list them. I did get a few other Bead Box beads done too. But I want to hold off a few days on those. Right now I only have a few so I need to make you more. Okay?

I have to say sorry to my Mom... Sorry MOM! Mom & Dad came by to swim and visit while I was working on these. I couldn't pull myself away from the torch. I was on such a roll. After 3 days of crap, I was suddenly getting great beads out, I couldn't just stop in the middle of a set. I wasn't a very good host while they were here. Hope you aren't too mad Mom.

The party yesterday was very nice... and every one is all giddy for Seabreeze tomorrow. I will chat with you more then!


Sarebear said...


HOLY @#$@#$@#$@%#^!

Oh MAN I wish I had money!!! I do not say this to make you feel bad, I know these will make you some $$$$ Oh wow. You could go w/a Chocolate Caramel Nougat name, or a Caramel Cream Tweed name, or . . . or . . . oh man!!


You are an AMAZING artist!

Kerry said...

Thanks sarebear... and welcome to my blog!

I love your reaction to the beads! That is so what I was hoping to hear. I like Caramel Cream Tweed, great name. Hmmm... I will let it stew awhile and see if it fits them.

Just wait til you see the real photo of them... they are killer!


porky said...

That's okay! I forgive you one more time. The beads turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Chrissie said...

Kerry, those are beautiful!! I love chocolate and orange...I think its going to be one of those fall combos along with fushia and teal. And I like the Caramel Tweed name that Sarebear suggested :)

Kerry said...

Now that's what I am talking about!!! I love seeing comments posted here... thanks everyone. Seebreaze was a blast, we are running out to soccer now, I will update later.