Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Soccer Cancelled

Since the heat index has it feeling like 107 degrees out right now, the oh so very wise officials at our local parks & recs department have decided to cancel soccer tonight. Though I highly doubt their wisdom when they chose BLACK shirts for my son's summer soccer team, lol. I was talking to the wife of the coach on our team. She said they had like 15 different colors to choose from but the officials insisted on colors like black and midnight blue. Now who's the moron? LOL!

Check out this action shot I got of Jacob Monday night...

When I showed him the picture on the back of the camera during a break he said "wow, I look cool." I have a bunch of others where his body seems to be defying gravity. But this one was my favorite. No, that isn't his actual team shirt. His real shirt was lost somewhere on Laundry Mountain so this is one that was in his drawer. It works.

Speaking of Laundry Mountain, that is where I have spent most of today, lol. I washed about 8 loads of laundry yesterday and dumped it all on the living room floor. So it has taken a big chunk of my afternoon to fold it all. Unfortunately, this is one lesson I will never learn. LOL, I will always have a ton of laundry to do and I will never keep up on it. No matter how hard I try.

As I am typing this, it has suddenly got very very dark out, and it's flashing lightening and I am hearing booming. Don't you just love summer popcorn thunderstorms! I do! It is suddenly raining buckets.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have been sending me emails in about yesterday's stupidity. Don't worry about me, I am not beating myself up over it too bad. I know I was taken advantage of. I really thought, if it was ligitimate, it would be great exposure for my business. Unfortunately, it's not ligit. So what can I do. Just keep watching my accounts to make sure that refund posts. But I do really appreciate all your kind words and "it happened to me too..." messages, so thanks!

Okay, now that it is raining, and soccer is cancelled... it means Ron won't be golfing either and tonight will be devoted to making beads! YEAH! I should go out and prep mandrels this afternoon so I am all ready to go. Hopefully I can get a few of those lime/coral/turquoise sets worked on. We will see... Last night was just too hot. You all understand right? I bet it is just as hot where you all are. Let's have a little "Who's Had The Hottest Day" contest... (maybe this will get more of you to post your responses on my blog here ) use the comment button below, let me know what your high temp was today and who ever has the highest gets an extra ticket in the Free Beads Bucket!


Holly said...

does the heat index count?!? 98 degrees here with a heat index of 115 at 58% humidity. :(

Kathy said...

We just got through with 102 degrees with a heat index of 117 degrees with over 80% humidity. Boo just plain down right uncomfortable.

Chrissie said...

today is supposed to be 101 with a heat index of 107...That doesn't seem so bad after looking at Holly and Kathy's 115 and 117 :)...I still would take this heat over a snow storm though and I love the thunder storms!

Kerry said...

okay Kathy... you get the extra ticket... 102 or 117 either way it just sucks!