Thursday, August 17, 2006

Awesome Thursday!

Grrr.... I had this blog all updated with today's happenings plus photos, when I hit the "publish post" button my laptop froze up. Grrr.... so now I am updating on my "family pc" and unfortunately, I can't post the photos because they are on the other hard drive. So here is today happenings, minus the photos.

THE WINERIES VISIT WENT GREAT!! I was so worried that the ladies at Miles Wine Cellars and Anthony Road Wine Company wouldn't go for the "glass upgrade" I had in store for them. But surprisingly they did! They loved the new stuff. I can't even begin to tell you all the stuff they took from me. But, I will try... 12 bangles, 2 dozen earrings, 8 neckwires, all the winestoppers, bracelets, wire bangles and bigger necklaces too. You'll have to take a stroll around my website and see all the stuff marked "SOLD!". It kills me to have sold it all wholesale but considering I made more today then at Cornhill, I can't complain. But now, I have NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, left for the Clothesline Arts Fest. I will be working my tail off for the next three weeks to be ready.

I have photos for you of new earrings and a bracelet/lariat set that went today, hopefully I can post it tomorrow.

Tonight is BOOK CLUB! And I can't wait. I stayed up until 2am finishing the book (and was then up at 6am to leave this morning. Yes, I took a nap this afternoon, lol). I am especially excited because I DIDN'T like the book, lol. I can't wait to discuss it. I am going to go help Ron with dinner before I leave. I will post photos tomorrow! Oh and I stopped at my favorite shop on my ride home and treated myself to a new purse, I will show you that tomorrow too!

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