Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer Flings

No not that kind of summer fling. My new bracelet kind! I came in from torchign last night and was playing with my bowl full of disk beads when this design popped into my head. The lighting for the photo was not the best, you really shouldn't take pics in early morning direct sunlight, but I just wanted to snap a quick one to share. Why call it "Summer Flings"? Well, it is definately a summer color palette and you "fling" frisbees or disks so there you go... "Summer Flings".

The colors are so bright and fun, I will be making a matching necklace and lariat or two too. I need to pick up some more of the colorful spacer beads first. And I did raid my disk stach for these so now I need to make more to do that disk necklace too. But I am waiting on spacers for the all disk one so there is still time on that one. I ended up making a few earrings to match too. More just for fun bright colors! And a few pairs are missmatched too.

I won't be able to post these on my website for a little while. My wireless router is acting up and my laptop can't connent to the internet at the moment. So, no updates. But I should have a new router by the end of the week.

Anyway... I hope to keep cranking out new designs over the next few weeks in prep for "The Clothesline Arts Festival". Which means I probably won't have a whole lot of new beads between now and then, but I will do my best to get you something.

Lauren is calling me for some attention... I will check you later!

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Sarebear said...

Nice, now that I've come back when the pics are up!