Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Caramel Cream Tweeds

So there you go, I went with the "Caramel Cream Tweeds" as the name for the new beads. I just couldn't shake the name so I knew it was for them. Thanks Sarebear for the suggestion!

They look a little different this evening then they did this morning. They had a few hour long manicure and pedicure, lol. I noticed Sunday night that when you etch Copper Green it turns a lush turquoisy green color. So with help from the women over at wetcanvas.com, I learned how to "spot" etch beads. I didn't want the whole set etched, just the copper areas. I hand painted each bead with nailpolish (that's why I called it a manicure & pedicure) covering all the areas except the copper and then dipped each bead in the liquid etching solution. I let them soak for about 5 minutes each (yes, one at a time) and gently washed each one. The nailpolish came right off leaving the copper the rich green color you see with a soft satin finish and the rest nice and glossy. What do you think? I have never spent so many hours on a single set of beads. I really hope they go over well on Ebay... the auction starts in just a little bit. Go check them out! And bid... PLEASE!

After dinner the 5 of us went to play tennis for a bit. The weather was just perfect so it was a nice night to play. We are no professionals, most of the time we can't get it over the net (at least I can't.. Ron can, he's pretty good.) I would like to say we had a blast, but Lauren was a huge pest and we spent more time trying NOT to hit her then we did hitting the ball. Grrrr... kinda tiring. I wanted to make beads for a little while tonight and finish up the set I started yesterday but it is just going to have to wait until tomorrow. I am beat.

OH.... Free Beads winner.... congrats Deedee! You are this week's free beads winner!!!!!!! I will post the new set tomorrow... thanks for all the support everyone.


Chrissie said...

I love them with the green! It adds another whole deminsion to it. I am sure that you'll get a ton of bids on them!

Kerry said...

Thanks Chrissie, I hope they get a lot of bids. It seems everyone else can get good prices on the Ebay beads, why can't I? Just once, I would like one of my auctions to break $100. I hope there are the ones that do.