Monday, August 28, 2006

Kinda Chunky Kinda Funky

This is definately a bracelet that made me go hmmmmm? Last night around 10:45pm I got this sudden idea to string together a whole bunch of beads in lots of different shapes and loads of different colors in to a wildly shaped bracelet. It got so stuck in my head that I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs, fired up the kiln and made some beads. Now these are NOT the colors I originally envisioned. But these rods were already on my desk and I was tired so this is what came out. It is kinda chunky, kinda funky. I could really use your feedback on this one. I don't know if I love it or think it looks like a 5 year old made it, lol. I have been wearing it all day and it looks fine, it's very comforable.

My Mom came by first thing this morning and I got a huge load of beads made. I chose a new color combo. The rods were laying together and I thought, hey... they look good. Unfortuantely, of the 4 colors I chose, I only had 1 rod of two of the colors. I really had to make them stretch. I used transparent ink blue, transparent teal, light turquoise and alabaster nile green. I think you'll love 'em. Seeing that I only had one rod of the turquoise and the alabaster amde me go thru and put in a glass order. Hopefully it is here by the end of the week :) Because I also discovered I am out of black! How did that happen?

Yesterday was very eventful. You maybe wondering what is going on if you read the cryptic message my Mom posted on yesterday's entry. Well, Jacob ran away from home yesterday, sort of. While I was making beads yesterday afternoon, Ron and Jacob were in the house arguing because Jacob decided to call Lauren a baby until she screamed as loud as she can. Ron was trying to get Jacob to stop the teasing and Jacob was being moody and eight years old. So he came outside and said "Mom, I am going for a bike ride". I said fine. We live on a very quiet cal-de-cas street with no traffic. The boys go around our little block at least a dozen times a day, so I thought nothing of it. I finished up a few more beads, went and took a shower, then started helping Ron with dinner. All the while thinking Jaocb was plaing in the backyard and riding around the cicle. Then, the phone rang. It was my Father In Law calling to say Jacob was at their house. I was in SHOCK! They are in the same town as us just about 4 miles away. Jacob told grandma he was very sad and wanted to talk to her. I couldn't believe it! First, Jacob is the oldest, very independant, very smart, trustworthy, and just an all around great kid. This was so totally unexpected. Plus he had to cross 2 major intersections to get there. He really could have got hurt. Ron went a picked him up and we have revoked his bike previledges for the rest of summer. He assures us it won't happen again anytime soon. But man... what a scare it put into us. It is one of those moments as a parents where you are just speechless. And I have to add this... he is such a manipulator... he pulled the wool right over grandma's eyes. Never once mentioning he was in trouble because he was tormenting his sister. No... just that Daddy yelled at him.

On to more cheerful things. Tonight is the last soccer game of the season for Jacob and it's tradition to have a parents vs. kids game. I can't wait... it should be a BLAST! Then I will be torching again when I get home. Tonights colors are already to go. Pea green, transparent emerald and butter yellow. Sounds wierd but looks awesome on my desk! I wll come back tomorrow with more photos for you :)

Today's FREE BEADS winner is.... Jan P! CONGRATS JAN! And thanks again for all your votes gals. I so appreciate it. I heard I was #1 for a few hours this morning when they reset the counter. How EXCITING! I will post the new free beads in just a bit!


Chrissie said...

I really like the bracelet...I think it would go with a lot of fall outfits...I can't wait to see your new color combos! They sound like they could turn into some fabulous beads!!

sorry to hear about your scare with Jacob. I guess it could turn out to be a good thing that he is so independant, but OMG I think I would have had a heart attack.

Nicky said...

That bracelet is just fab - dont change a thing !.

Sorry to hear about Jacob and im glad hes back at home with you safe and sound - little monkey !

Kerry said...

Thanks Chrissie!

I have to take a pic of the beads in ink and teals... they were AWESOME when they came out of the kiln. It is defiantely a MUST DO AGAIN color combo for the Bead Box.

Kerry said...

you snuck in on me there Nicky. I will leave this bracelet as is and make a couple more in bright colors too. Or how about one in all blues... yummy.

Jacob is an odd kid. Too smart for his own good. He is going to be 9 in Nov. And he starts 4th gr next week and actually is reading at a 9th gr level. See, too smart. I know he did it to get a reaction but I think the reaction he got wasn't what he expected.