Saturday, August 19, 2006

Running in the COOL Crowd

Yeah, that's right, I am running with the cool crowd these days, lol. Considering I was the girl in high school you threatened into letting you copy homework, this pretty exciting for me. I ended up taking most of yesterday off. Lauren and I just ran some errands but I did have some highlight moments I thought needed sharing.

First... I, like many women, have a bit of a shoe issue. I love shoes. I love to look at them, try them on, love to think of fabulous outfits you could wear them with. But alas, I always become very practical by the time I reach the register and I don't buy fancy shoes. I have some nice Sketchers sneakers and 3 pairs of Old Navy flipflops, that's about it. Well, yesterday, on a whim, I stopped at Kohls. I was going through the shoes and found this lonely pair of "Candies Vintage" heels. They really wear lonely. The had no tags or box, they were just tied together with a string. Not so much as a sticker on the bottom of the shoes even. I tracked down an employee and found out they were on CLEARANCE! Only $14.95, HELLO!! I had to have them. And look it turns out they match my new purse perfectly! So I think that makes me pretty cool, being so trendy and with it.

Reason #2 for my new utter coolness, lol. I went to a ROCK concert last night! AND I knew the band! Well actually my sister is friends with the band but I was cool by association. The band is called "Out Of Line" and they were actually on MTV's "On The Brink" so they are gonna be big. I went to a party at their house on the 4th of July. They are cool kids, really laid back. Everyone calls the lead singer "Spaz", lol. I did feel like an olf fuddy duddy though, LOL, I had to wear ear plugs. It was insanely LOUD! And it was weird but I could actually hear better with the ear plugs in.

So, fabu modern trendy shoes and hanging out at a rock concert with the band... yeah, I am cool, lol.

I gotta dash... we have tons of things planned today. Gonna hit some garage sales and buy a new dishwasher... DANG IT, I just lost all coolness saying I was going to buy a dishwasher, didn't I? LOL!

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