Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Keepin' Busy

So what is keeping you all busy these days? You know what I have been up to, lol. Anyone done with summer yet? Sick of the heat, ready for the next season? Jacob had a great soccer game yesterday three to zip over The Comets. There were dentist appointments, school shoe shopping and other boring tasks to do today. I was able to get the "Spring Flings" necklace finished! Like it?

Studio 34 has been putting the finishing touches on the Fall schedule. I will let you all know when it is out. I have classes planned for Totally Twisted, Berry Wine, Sandy Lanterns, Blue Moon and Wire Earrings too. Busy busy! But should be great fun before the holidays to learn some new things... students will be able to make some great gifts with there new skills.

Other then that, just a boring day around here. I made beads yesterday, still trying to get orders done. I talked to my Mom about coming by next week to help with the kids before the big show. I will no daoubt make beads tonight too, lol. And every night for the next 2.5 weeks for that matter, lol.

I picked the free beads winner! I remembered this time! Vannessa G. was the winner this week. Yoo Hoo Vannessa! Thanks for the support gang! But I do seem to be slipping in the rankings, maybe the new free beads will motivate you all into everyday voting. It's a few Black & Whites! Go check them out and vote.


sue b said...

wow, love your work ! Just found your blog today. Love your style of jewelry!

Kerry said...

Thanks Sue and WELCOME! Come back and post anytime!