Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finding Inspiration

I finally figured out how to get the photos working on blogger so I will wait here a moment while you scroll down and check out my new shoes. Okay, I'll wait, go ahead....

Aren't they fabulous?!? And my cute bag too. They are a perfect pair. When I got my new bag at I also got this beautiful silk scarf. I don't actually wear scarves like this but when I saw it the bold colors and pattern popped out at me. I love finding beautiful things like this to inspire me. Do you have anything that you turn to when you are looking for inspiration? I thought it would be a great topic for conversation.

Anyway... last night we went to visit friends. They recently got a brandy new Jacuzzi and oh, was I in heaven. They had it just the right temp so that it was comfortable but not too hot. We sipped strawberry margaritas while the kids played in the water around us. You should have seen Lauren, she had one of those blow up rings around her waste and all the bubble just pushed her from one side to the other, she loved it! There were tunes on the radio too and it was gray / sprinkley weather. It was just a great evening.

I am going to work on orders today and I was planning on working on some beads for myself to start rebuilding my jewelry collection. I will share photos (as long as blogger is working) when I have new stuff!

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Kristi said...

I bought a scarf with similar colors in Paris but I never use it. I just love that beautiful burst of color and pull it out often just to remember my trip and feel inspiration.