Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Too Busy To Chat

I gotta make this quick. I am going down to Seneca Lake tomorrow to visit the wineries that carry my jewelry. I haven't been down since last November. They got a ton, and I mean bucket loads, to get them through the winter & spring. Now they have been out of stuff for a good month or two. It is time to restock them. I have been working on making stuff for them right along so I am pretty ready. This will be the first time they see all the glass! I can't wait. Today will be crazy insane with organizing and packaging (they like everything ready to go in gift boxes). Making last minute beads... and jewelry. It is going to take me all day! If I get any good stuff (photo worthy) I post it tomorrow... late, because it is an hour & a half drive down and I am getting there at 8:30am.

Why don't you people remind me when I forget to pick the free bead winner? LOL! Well, congrats goes to a mystery person. They didn't use their name in their email, so I only have their email address. When I know the name, I will post it and the new beads!!! AS always... thanks thanks thanks for supporting me and my beads with your votes! I do, truely, appreciate it.

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