Friday, March 10, 2006

Alien Pea Soup

They all... here is "Alien Pea Soup". These beads are teeny. You can fit 3 across a dime. They will be made into what my client, Tricia, calls a "Waterfall necklace". Check out Tricia's webstore. She has a lot of beautiful things. She also got a few of my "Sandy Lanterns" so I will be waiting to see what she does with those. If you go digging around her site you'll see what she did with a few of my "Space" beads and I hear she has sold out of them already!

Check out these beads too... I LOVE THIS STYLE! And this artist posts on all the time so I get to oggle her beads often. I sent her an email yesterday to ask if it would be okay to make a few beads in "her style" as a learning experience. She was all for it and wished me luck (don't you just love supportive people like that!) She told me to send her and email with what I come up with. I am thinking of trying this style with an all black white clear & gray set. We'll see how it goes.

Well I should get off this dang computer and get my butt in gear. I was gone all day so naturally the house is a mess! And I wanna play with my torch later so I best get cracking!

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