Sunday, March 19, 2006

Snowy Sunday

I know I know.. I promised you all a new set of beads to oogle at. Only problem... It took all my mandrels to finish my orders so I didn't get to start a new set. But the kiln is warming up right now. And I am heading out to start my work. Hmmm... will it be transparent sculpturals or Haunted Hollow... guess you are just going ot have to wait and see! Maybe it will be BOTH!

The snow is coming down hard right now. We woke up to about 4 inches and still falling. We never got it during the week but it was bitter cold. I will have the heat blasting in the studio today.

This afternoon my family is getting together to celebrat my grandfather's 80th birthday. I come from a very large family. On my dad's side... he is the second of 13 kids (10 girls, 3 boys) and I am the second of 36 grandchildren and I am also the mom of the 3 great grandchildren! Our annual family reunion is HUGE! Unfortunately Jacob's fever is holding on strong so everyone won't be able to go. :( We'll see how it works out. Today's photo is from the "Kester Family Reunion" 2004. Sorry the best group shot come from the still cameras not the digital... but you get the idea!

That darn photo loader isn't working again! I will try again in a bit.

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