Saturday, March 04, 2006

Animated Ocean

Well chalk these up to having a total screw loose. Once I got these all cleaned and strung together I said to myself "What was I thinking?" Individually the beads are great but as a group they are down right ugly! LOL! If anyone is in love with them send me an email and make an offer. Other wise I will send them to the bad bead jar!


I ended up ditching my plans for "Dragon Wheezing" yesterday after curling up on the couch with little Lauren and watching Finding Nemo. As I watched it was was struck by the beautiful colors and amazingly vivid world of just plain fun is under the ocean. I don't know why the colors fit my yestrday. Jacob's 2nd grade class did a school play of Finding Nemo that I painted the sets for. I had to watch the movie a couple dozen times to get ideas for the sets and to help with memorizing lines and costumes. Anyway... I ended up grabbing my sketch pad and designing a bead for each character. There are 15 beads, 7 lentils and 8 rounds (like I have been making all my auctions lately). I just went out and pulled them all off the mandrels but I haven't cleaned, strung and photographed them yet. Once I do I will post the photo. I will be torching again tonight and the Dragon set is on my to do list. Those ones I don't pre sketch... I wing 'em. I also have a couple orders to fill and some beads to make for some of my own jewelry designs. I love having things to do. I am so miserable when I am bored!

Apart from making beads later, today is going to be a "cleaning day". I make a very strong effort to keep a daily routine going that makes sure our home looks well kept. I go around and make the beds each morning, do a quick wipe down of the bathroom, sweep, straighten couch pillows, wash dishes and clear off the counters. It usually fill the first hour or two of my day. And I tend to do most of it while talking on the phone (don't you wash dishes while on the phone?). Well right now (for some strange unknown reason) the house looks a bit like a bomb went off in it. It just feel cluttered and messy. AND I HATE THAT! (sorry, my Mom's OCD cleaning habits are coming out in me, LOL) So the kids and I will spend the morning making the house look presentable and we may even have some visitors later. We invited our friend Pat & Julie and their sons Louie & Joey over tonight. Should be fun.... cleaning, beads, guests... I am taking tomorrow off! LOL!

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